Blog | 4 towns to visit while you are in Medellin that no one will tell you about.

4 towns to visit while you are in Medellin that no one will tell you about.

Medellín, the city of the eternal spring is definitely an example of transformation and there is enough people talking about all the amazing activities that Medellín has to offer, so let’s highlight some places you can visit outside of Medellín, but still close enough to the city to have an authentic “pueblo” experience.

1. El Carmen de Viboral

This town is recognized for its handcrafted ceramics. You can find all kinds of different items for your house in this material; while you arrive there, visit the main square and all different ceramic stores that surround the main plaza, some of the stores let visitors see how they make the ceramics while you pick a special design for you.

If you are planning to have lunch there we strongly recommend Carmelina Restaurant, a great space specialized in grilled meats.

2. Jardín

Located in the heart of the southwest region of Antioquia, Jardín is today one of the most popular tourist destinations in Colombia, it is recognized for its amazing coffee and trout fishing.

Jardín is beautiful from every perspective, and one of the best things to do there is just sitting at the main plaza to enjoy a cup of coffee, beer or an aguardiente! Other activities to do while you are there: cable car, “La Cueva del esplendor” and Dulces Del Jardín, a sweets store where you can buy souvenirs and try the traditions of the town.

How to get there? Take a bus in Terminal de Transportes del Sur in Medellín. The trip takes about 3.5 hours.

3. Santa Elena

Located only an hour or less from Medellín, this town is the capital of the flowers; have you heard of “La Feria de Las Flores”? well, Santa Elena has much to do with it, during August when this celebration is happening in Medellín, the “Silleteros” in Santa Elena are preparing their art pieces made with flowers to remember the roots and traditions of our land and show them in a public parade in Medellín. If you find yourself during the first week of August in Medellín don’t hesitate joining this tradition in Santa Elena, where you can see how the silleteros build their silletas.

4. Jericó
Jericó is one of those towns that will draw your attention since you arrive; perfect weather, friendly people and a landscape that will make you think why you did not discover this place before. Good coffee, mountains and much more you can find in Jerico. A walk through the Los Balsos botanical garden and a hike to El Cerro Las Nubes are musts while you are in this town.


Our recommendation is to have some extra time when you come to Medellín to visit this beautiful places that will teach you so much about Paisa Culture!