I love food so much that I even made a career out of it. No matter where you are or where you are from, food is what brings all of us closer together and introduces us to new cultures and people. It is the least expensive ticket you can buy to someone else’s world and the most enriching one. With food being such a key element of my life, Tasty Town is the perfect excuse for me to spread my love for food and my Colombian culture to visitors who share my passion.

The best part is that food stories are not just told, but cooked, smelled, and especially tasted. Personally, my favorite dishes always take me back to the best moments of my life, even long after I thought those memories were gone. I welcome you to come and explore my country’s vast and exotic gastronomy. I’m sure you will find a new universe of ingredients, flavors, colors,tastes and feelings, which will make you as equally enthusiastic and excited about our delicious food as I am.