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The making of arepa de huevo

During my last vacation, I had the chance to visit the Caribbean Coast of Colombia; traveling to this area is always a great opportunity to understand and remember the diversity of the Country; the landscape is different, the accent changes and of course: food changes; and the food… it is so good that it is so hard to put it in into words, maybe it is because you are eating and listening to the ocean, maybe it is because that food is always prepared with fresh ingredients, or maybe is just that those flavors are related to good times, who knows? And it could sound like I am “betraying” my paisa inheritance, but definitely one the best arepas is the arepa de huevo. Funny because Medellín is the Home town of the arepa, but the arepa de huevo is just too good to be true, crunchy in the outside, soft in the inside, perfectly balanced flavors… as I said, words would never be fair enough.

So if you are adventurous and would like to try making the arepa for the first time or just delight your senses again with this amazing tradition, here is the step by step of the arepa de huevo preparation.

Ingredients for 5 arepas

½ Pound of Yellow Cornmeal
½ tsp Salt
½ tsp Sugar
5 Eggs
3 Cups of of deep frying oil
1 cup of warm water


1. In a bowl, mix the cornmeal, the salt and sugar. Slowly pour the water until you have a soft dough and is all mixed; you don’t have to pour all the water at the same time, the quality of the mix will tell you if you need more water. You should have a texture like the one in the picture.

2. Make the shape of five little balls, this balls will become the arepas after you flatten the dough (be patient! It is not easy the first time). If you think the dough is too dry, put a little bit of water in your hands and continue making the shape of the arepa; the size of the arepa should be about 4,5 inches of diameter and 0,7 width.

Here is the shape of the arepa that you need to make:

3. Take a frying pan or a skillet and pour the oil when it gets really hot, place one arepa and make sure the oil covers the arepa, leave it for a couple of minutes.

4. Take a knife and carefully make a little cut in one side, that will create the “pocket” for the egg. Pour an egg inside the little cut and press the dough so the egg doesn’t leak. (to make this step easier, just break the egg first into a cup, and then pour it into the arepa)

5. Put the arepa in the oil again and fry it for five more minutes. Serve the arepas while they are hot and enjoy!

6. Enjoy!

Tip: I love to open the arepa and add some slices of cheese inside before eating them, the cheese melts and the flavor is amazing.